Sunday, July 3, 2011

Okay, so here are my top 5 songs for this week’s soundtrack.

1) New Found Glory - Familiar Landscapes

This is one of those songs, bands actually, that you can never get sick of listening to. To me, they have an amazing sound, and a talent for writing lyrics that can reach the world. So many of their songs have deep meaning, but an amazing thing is they can mean a million different things. Every line can be a different interpretation. I love that about NFG. This week I’ve been revisiting some old bands that really taught me about music and what it means to me. This band was one of the big influences. This particular song speaks to me at this moment in my life, so here are the lyrics that grab me. “What do you want from me? What do you want from my life? What do you want from me? ‘Cause my heart can't take it. My heart can't take this anymore.”

2) The Offspring – Denial, Revisited

This has been a favorite song of mine since that fateful day, so long ago when I picked up the ‘Conspiracy of One’ album. I fell in love that day, not for the first time, but the love was no less strong. I fell in love with music, a different style of music than what I was used to, but so powerful in its melodies and lyrics. So beautiful. My love of music genres has been at every end of the spectrum. A few favorite musicians of mine include, Beethoven, Mozart, Cradle of Filth, Good Charlotte, Mest, New Found Glory, KISS and many more. I love Classical music, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Death Metal, Indie, Punk, Pop and again, many more. And that day I fell in love with Punk Rock. “But she stands softly, tears down her face hitting me, Oh god this is the end, I'd wait here for you, but there's nothing more now I can do. How did you know? How did you know? How did you know? Finally…”

3) Saliva – Rest In Pieces

This song means a lot to me, and not just because it’s an amazing song. But because it reminds me of someone, someone I am… was really close to. It would take me too long to explain how any of that makes sense, but to me is does. So this song holds a place in my heart. To most people, this is not one of Saliva’s stand out songs, but to me, this song is their best to date. “Look at me, my depth perception must be off again. You got much closer than I thought you did. I'm in your reach. You held me in your hands but could you find it in your heart to make this go away and let me rest in pieces…”

4) Schuyler Fisk & Joshua Radin – Paperweight

There is nothing about this song that I don’t love. It’s one of the only songs that I can listen to on repeat without having to change the song. I love Schuyler’s voice, her tone, her melody. I love the way her voice blends with Joshua’s. I love everything. It has amazing lyrics, but that isn’t what draws me to the song. It goes so much deeper than lyrics. It’s beauty, in a song. This is one song that will always be on my favorite’s playlist. If you do one thing from reading this blog, let it be to download this song. I promise you, it’s worth it. “Been up all night staring at you wondering what's on your mind, but I've been this way with so many before but this feels like the first time. You want the sunrise, go back to bed I want to make you laugh.”

5) The Spill Canvas – Appreciation and the Bomb

The Spill Canvas is my all-time-fav-band. I don’t foresee a time in the future when they are not my favourite band, and it is songs like this one that make that so. Is this my favorite song by The Spill Canvas? I’m not sure… probably, and, strange as it is, it’s one line in this song that makes it my favorite. There are so many reasons to love this song, but here is just one reason. “Dad, you were there when nobody was. I followed your lead, now I'm proud of what I've become. Brittney, you never cease to amaze me. Maybe someday we'll get another chance to be. Mom, I wished you would try a little harder. Maybe catch a show or two, would that be such a bother?
To all my friends, where do I start? I know I'd be dead without you in my heart.”
Now, I know I may as well have put the whole song here, but… these lines… “To all my friends, where do I start? I know I'd be dead without you in my heart.” That speaks to me. All I know, is that this band will forever hold a place in my heart, and not just for this song, but for so many of their songs.

So, I hope you enjoyed this week’s Top 5 songs. :)

"A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence." ~Leopold Stokowski

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  1. :D thanks for the great music!! would have never found them!!