Monday, June 27, 2011

My Top 5 Songs For This Week's Soundtrack...

So here is this week’s top 5 songs.

1) Dia Frampton - Heartless

If you don't have this song, or haven't heard it, you're missing out, I promise you. I have loved Dia Frampton since the first time I heard Meg & Dia, and one of my all time favourite songs is by Dia & Ian. An extremely beautiful and sad song called 'Yellow Butterfly'
I'm from Australia, so it's a little stupid for me to be watching an American Talent Show, called The Voice. But when I heard Dia was on it, I couldn't help myself. I watch every week and am amazed at how far she has gotten, not because I don't think she is talented, I do. But because I didn't think that other people would see that talent, because she isn't what you would call... popular. Her sound is so original, so unique that I thought people would dismiss her. I am genuinely happy to be wrong.
I am a little concerned that being on this show will make Dia become more commercialized and in that lose some of what makes her so unique as an artist... but I sincerely hope that doesn't happen. It would be such a shame for the world to lose something as beautiful as Dia Frampton.
This song is from The Voice, you can download it on iTunes. It’s a cover of a Kanye West song. I’ve never heard the Kanye version, but I don’t need to.

2) Thriving Ivory – Angels on the Moon

I’d never heard of this band before, but I came across some of their lyrics whilst browsing around the internet. “Don't tell me if I'm dying 'Cause I don't wanna know. If I can't see the sun, maybe I should go. Don't wake me 'cause I'm dreaming, of angels on the moon. Where everyone you know never leaves too soon” I had to hear the song after reading that, so I did. In my head I thought, ‘No way, the lyrics are too good, the song will be crap,’ I was happily proven wrong. The band is a cross between The Fray and One Republic (Personal Opinion) The lead singer has a beautiful vocal range, and the music is beautifully constructed.

3) Chase Coy/Dear Juliet – Mockingbird

I adore Chase Coy, he has the most melodic voice and writes beautiful lyrics that tell stories. I don’t think I could pick a favourite song of his, but this week I’ve been listening especially to ‘Mockingbird’ it tells a story I feel close to, of love a love so strong. So beautiful. So pure. "I've been waiting so long for these words to come out, It's practically all I've been thinking about. So thank you for finding the words I couldn't find on my own, Now I'm not alone." I love these lines. I think it really expresses love. Sometimes life overpowers you, and you feel like you can’t say all the things you want to. Sometimes all you need is someone else to help you find the words. To me that is the beauty of this song.

4) Brooke Fraser – Scarlet

I’ve loved this song since the moment I heard it, about 5 years ago on an episode of Neighbors (A Soap in Australia) I’ve been listening to it this week. This song has different connotations to everyone. To me, this song is about a woman who has a miscarriage. So, sad, yes. But beautiful. So beautiful. If you love artists like Sarah McLachlan and Delta Goodrem, you should check out Brooke Fraser. “Middle of nowhere. Finally you can breathe. Nobody knows your name, it's easier. Shut your eyes tightly. Clench your fists till they almost bleed. Cautiously, lightly. Gently expose what's underneath”

5) A Day to Remember – If It Means A Lot To You

This is actually one of my All-Time favourite songs. It’s pretty easy to see what it’s about. It’s about a relationship that is being strained because they are always away, on business or school or tour, whatever your problem is. Basically, they miss each other, but one person is sick of being left behind. The song is basically dialogue set to a tune. I love it. It is a brilliant song, by a brilliant band. I love how angry they get at each other, I love the eventual acceptance of the situation. I love the line “Don’t you dare say we can just be friends,” But of the song as a whole, my favourite part is near the end when they are both screaming “La la la la la” at each other. If you’ve never heard A Day To Remember, I suggest you give them a listen. I don’t want to put them into any specific genre, so all I’ll say is… if you like great music, give them a listen.

So, that’s my soundtrack of the week. Let me know what yours is. :)

“When people hear good music, it makes them homesick for something they never had, and never will have.”
-- Edgar Watson Howe

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Don't Tell Me If I'm Dying, Cause I Don't Wanna Know... I'm Dreaming of Angels on the Moon

Okay, so every day I get worse at this blogging thing. I don’t know why, and I don’t know what it is but every time I sit down to write my blog… I blank. It’s not really like I do anything noteworthy, but I still do… stuff. Things that can be blogged about… I just never seem to write those things down.

So here is a summary of my last few weeks. I’ll try to make it brief, and not boring… yeah, right!!!

Well, I am now 23, that’s noteworthy, kinda. My birthday was… boring, I guess. I went out to dinner at Hogsbreath with Parental and a couple friends. (Day release from the Asylum, yay.) It was a pretty good dinner, I almost killed myself eating the Mississippi Mud Cake (Worth it!!!) After almost dying from to much food, we decided to play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) Bad idea, but still mass fun.

I got my birthday present from Parental early, a Sony DSLR A390. Brilliant camera, but sadly now all my friends are pissed off at my constant need to take photographic evidence of… well, everything.

Shorty and Telle took me to Supanova for my birthday, which was pretty awesome. Got heaps of awesome photo’s. Also got to see James Masters (Aka Spike from Buffy) perform live. I think that was my favorite part of the day.

Met up with Satan for about 40 seconds. That girl leads a busy life, I tell you.

I wanna say I’ve done more fun and interesting stuff these last few weeks…but all I can really come up with is Alias.

I brought all five seasons of Alias, and have been watching them almost non-stop. I’m pretty much, loving it. Alias is an awesome show. I’d seen most of it before, but some of it I completely missed. Most of season four and five, so happy to be catching up on that.

Also brought Xena: Warrior Princess, season one. Gunna start that after Alias. Not sure what show I’ll watch after that… I’m thinking I might re-watch Farscape.

Anyways, this has been my rather boring Blog.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment."
— Ralph Waldo Emerson