Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Changed My Mind... Maybe

9th January 2011


So, how lucky are you that I’m making another entry so soon… though when I actually post it… well, it could be in a fortnight, so, maybe you’re not that lucky.

Today I spent some time with Parental and Napolean. It was good. We had lunch.

I don’t know if maybe, it’s me? But, Napolean seems to have aged a lot since the last time I saw him, which was only a week or so ago. He just… he looked much older. I mean, he is 12 years old. So for a dog he’s going really well. But I guess, I just… I still see him as a pup. It’s hard to think of him as an old man. He’ll always be that cute little pup that used to pee on my floor to me.

I know the realities. I know, that one day, god forbid, Napolean won’t be with me. I don’t know how I’ll face that day. Not well, I assume. He’s been my best friend for so long. Sometimes my only friend, and almost always, the only one who I ever really felt understood me.

I guess the reason I’m getting like this is because I recently watched ‘Marley and Me’ If you haven’t seen it… well… I want to tell you not to, because it’s a really sad movie, but it was a good movie, as long as you’re prepared with a box of Kleenex.
Maybe to everyone else it was obvious that Marley would die, but to me… well, I was thinking, ‘It’s a comedy, they wouldn’t do that,’ until they did… and that really made me think about things like mortality.

Napolean has a good 10+ more years in him though, I know he does. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, another thing to blog about today. Inspiration.

It is indeed a hard thing to come by, for me at least. But I know a lot of other people who have similar problems. So here’s mine, feel free to gloss over this if it bores you.

I used to be a writer, well, I still am. But I used to write Short Stories and Novels. I think I was okay at it, maybe a little better than okay. I used to write all the time. Almost every day I wrote, and the days I didn’t, I was thinking about writing or making notes somewhere about writing. I have notepads full of stories and story ideas and just little things that should happen, and one liners. Random stuff like that. But almost a year ago now, I lost it. I lost my ability to write altogether. I stare at an open document and nothing happens.

Until a few days ago.

Now I’m not saying its back. I’m not saying my muse has returned, and I’ll be back to writing novels next week. But it’s a speck of light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. A good sign, I’d like to think.

If nothing else, it gives me a little hope that I might regain the piece of me that has been missing for so long.

11th January 2011


Okay, so amazingly enough, quite a few interesting things have happened in the asylum over the last few days. We had quite an eventful weekend. Our resident psycho, whom you may know from the ‘Introduction’ as Brother or Daniel, had quite an interesting weekend. He went out drinking with some mates, not that unusual. The problem was when he got back to the asylum at about midnight him and the Kid (also refer to the ‘Introduction’) decided it would be fun to wake everyone up with their screaming abuse of each other. Our poor honorary member, JessJess was caught in the middle of the argument.

I was also woken, and had to implement my peacemaking powers. (Using my powers for good instead of evil; sucks) But at least now we have some new holes in the asylum walls. So, yay!!!

We now also all have to deal with the sulking… oh joy (I don’t know if my sarcasm comes across online, if not… well, just picture that as dripping with sarcasm, please.) I won’t go into too much detail about the fight, it was basically boys using every swear word they know over and over… not so much fun, and not exactly PG+ 13 enough to write in my blog, since I don’t think it has an age classification… whoops.

Anyways, things have mostly settled down now, so things are looking up. They might not lock us all up in solitary now!!!

12th January 2011


Okay, so at the moment Shorty is asleep on the bed next to me (kinda more passed out from our crazy random night of awesome fun!!! Telle is also asleep… I’m not actually sure where though… I shall investigate shortly) and I couldn’t sleep so I decided to continue this blog.

Especially since this time I actually do have some very exciting and awesome news to share.

The asylum will soon have a new member!!! Yes indeed. Shorty and her husband are expecting their first spawn!!! Little Jellybean is now 5 weeks along, and everyone is very excited.

I’m so going to enjoy being Crazy Aunty Jes!!!

I’m placing my bet in the pool of gender picks!!! I think she is going to be a little girl. So as it stands, I think that’s...

Shorty: Boy
Telle: Boy
Blakus: Boy
Me: Pony!!!

I’m feeling a little outnumbered :/

(Don’t worry little Jellybean, I know you’re a girl. Only a few more weeks ‘til we find out!!!

~crosses fingers for girl~

Suffice to say there are a whole lot of happy family members going around at the moment.

Well, I think this blog is done for the moment. I’ll make sure I keep you updated on the Jellybean situation, and of course on the daily goings on in the asylum.

So, as always, here is your inspirational quote :D

"To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone."
Reba McEntire

And a photo of 'The Three Amigos' aka Us :D

Friday, January 7, 2011

I dub thee, Crazy Day!!!

4th of January 2011

Okay, so at the moment I’m sitting on a bus that is taking me, well… around the world. But my destination is Gosford. I will eventually get there; it will just take me about an hour and a half, even though Gosford is really only about 20 mins away.

Why am I doing it? Well, I’m going to Gosford to meet up with a friend, Shorty. (If you read the ‘Introduction to the Asylum’ package, you’ll know who she is.) I’m taking her a Crazy Day present. Now I know I haven’t explained about Crazy Day before, so I’ll give you the 411.

Crazy Day is a day that we invented years ago. How many years? I’m not sure, but a fair few. Crazy Day occurs on… well, any day you want it to, All that’s required is a random gift and a letter. I haven’t actually written Shorty’s letter yet. In fact, I’m not even sure I have a piece of paper on me.

I wonder if an email or a mention in my blog would count as a letter? Hmm… *ponders*

Anyway, today the random gift Shorty will be receiving is ~drum roll~ a set of USB microphones for Wii!!! So, random huh?

Well really it’s not quite as random as you’d think. I bought U-Sing for my Wii a few weeks back and Shorty and her Husband (Blakus, see aforementioned ‘Introduction’) came over and played it for a while. I thought they enjoyed it so I got a set of mic’s for them. (I’m also lending them my U-Sing game, cause what use would the mic’s be without a game?) *crosses fingers* I hope she likes it. :D

So, I’m quite hopeful that something interesting will happen to me on the way to Gosford. ‘Cause it’s kinda gunna suck if the most interesting thing about this blog is my excessive use of exclamation points!!!

~Some time later~

Sadly, nothing of astounding interest happened to me on the bus ride. I did manage to find a post-it note to write Shorty’s Crazy Day letter on though. Then me and Shorty played U-sing and tortured her neighbors. Fun was had. :D

8th of January 2011

Today is the one year anniversary of the day my Nan passed away. I guess all I can say is I really didn’t realize how much I’d miss her. I didn’t really start to get close to her until just a few years ago. I feel like I wasted a lot of time not knowing her. I mean, I knew her, and I visited her with family on special occasions like Christmas and stuff, but I was really just a kid, I didn’t value the time with her, I just complained that I wasn’t somewhere else… now I wish I could get some of that time back.

I guess that saying ‘You don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone’ really rings true here.

I don’t really know what my religious beliefs are, God, Jesus and all that… it’s not something I really know about, or concern myself with. But, no matter my beliefs, I do hope that my Nan is somewhere at peace. It’s kinda sucky thinking that at the end of this all you get is a wooden box or an urn that gets carted around by relatives and forgotten about until one day when someone accidentally lets one of the kids near it and then… well, you’re dust.
Maybe that is all there is, but for my Nan, I hope it’s something better.

So, here is a little something from a song I really love, that describes a lot of what I feel right now. I really love that about music, that it can describe a feeling I can’t.

I still can’t believe you’re gone, but you still live on in me. I feel you in the wind, you guide me constantly. I carry the things that remind me of you. In loving memory of the one that was so true. You were as kind as anyone could be, and even though you’re gone, you still mean the world to me.
--Alter Bridge, In Loving Memory.

Anyway, I’ll stop this crazy rambling. This, I think, will be my blog for the week. I don't know if anyone actually reads my blog, and to be honest, it doesn't really bother me if no one does, it's more for me than anyone else.

I know, for the one person who reads this just to be obnoxious, 'Why write a public blog if you don't want anyone to read it?' I don't mind if someone reads it, it's not a diary entry, I simply don't mind if no one does.

So, you probably don't know this about me yet, but I'll let you in on a secret. I'm kinda addicted to quotes. So you will most likely see them at the bottom of the majority of my posts, and here is today's...

"Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once."
--Lillian Dickson