Thursday, March 31, 2011

You Move Slow Like Daytime Drama...

Okay, so I know, I have been slacking majorly on my blogging. This will not come as a shock to those of you who read the 'Introduction'

Here is a very short-- er... long-ish rundown on what's been happening...

Okay, so the pregnancy is going brilliantly.
So excited about becoming an Aunty.
Jellybean started moving about three days ago. Shorty can now feel her when she does somersaults. So tute!!! (And yes, I say 'she' because I believe Jellybean is a girl, only two more weeks til we find out. Can't wait!!!)

I've already picked out about 147 things that I NEEEEED to buy her... and in the *highly unlikely* event that she is, in fact, a he... well, Imma need to pick out some new things. But I'm hopeful that she a little girl.
33.3333% chance!!!

Also a 33.3333% chance that she's a Chantelle (that one you won't even understand if you've read the 'Intro' it's kinda a private joke.) :)

So, I'll let you know when I do. :)

More things that have happened... Hmmm... well, Telle and I have started sharing a room in the asylum, since we needed somewhere to put the nursery and we were all out of rooms. Telle pulled the short straw and ended up with me, which isn't really that bad, I don't think... I'll have to ask her. Though, I don't snore, so that's a plus.
Telle, however, sleep-talks, sleep-walks, sleep-spoons and sleep-just-about-every-other-random-thing-you-can-think-ofs.

It's nice to have company though. Makes me feel less alone... although, with the voices I'm never REALLY alone.

Peeky, (again, refer to 'Intro') is turning 3 tomorrow. April 1st for those of you that may have a different timezone.
It's hard to believe that she is only three. She's been through sooooo much in her few short years. I just think of her as being with me for my whole life so far. But, she is still a pup, and what do pups love? Treats!!! So I got her lots of treats for her birthday. I'm sure she'll love them... at least for a little while. Then she'll get sick of the treats, demand attention and want snuggles.

More things that have happened (and since I'm getting tired, this will be the last interesting thing I put on this post) we went to the Zoo!!!

Last week we (Telle, Shorty, Sami and I {and yes, I am aware that Sami is not in the 'Intro' package, an oversight on my part. I will give her a short reference at a later date, for now, I will give a short P.O.R. Sami, possibly the smartest of us all, is Telle's twin sister.}) all decided that we needed a Fun Day, so we went to Taronga Zoo. An awesome place. We got sooo many awesome pics, some of which I will add to the blog. It was an all round awesome day. We got some little things for Jellybean, and found a Rocking Lion that we must buy for JB, no matter the price. NO MATTER THE PRICE, I say.

Anyway, that's about it for now. I'll try to make my posts a little more frequent, but life has this talent for getting in the way of things like blogging, sleeping, eating, ect.

So, as per usual, here is my quote.


(I do feel it needed to be capitalized, for it is an amazing quote, by an amazing human being.)

(Jellybean is in the photo, you just can't really see her... you know, since she's kinda in utero)

(My my what big ears you have :))

(And we discovered early on in the day that you CANNOT take a bad picture of Sami... she's like Barney from HIMYM)

Jes (aka Me, the one who always looks the dorkiest in the photos, yay...)