Monday, July 18, 2011

If I Go, Who Could Blame Me?

Okay, so along with my Top 5 Blog for this week-ish, here is my actual blog.

Some interesting things have been happening here in the Asylum.

Here are just a few of the things that have happened recently.

We had a temporary new member… let’s call her Barron. Sadly, though I’m not to choked up about it, it was decided that she was too insane, even for the asylum. So she was booted out. We’ll miss you Barron… *cough cough*

The Asylum will also be doing some relocation and renovations, expanding and thinking of a color change. I’m thinking red walls. *evil smile* Everyone has been pretty frantic packing and getting ready for the change. We’re also still waiting on the arrival of our soon-to-be newest member Jellybean. No to much longer now. :D

We’re also celebrating another birthday this month in the Asylum. My own Parental will be celebrating a birthday… right about now actually.

Happy Birthday Parental!!! :D

More ever-so-interesting things, I’ve had a visitor for the last few days, someone who isn’t at this present moment in the introduction package (Apologies, Dude) but mostly that’s because she is my sparring partner in the Asylum. I’ve had more fights with this girl in the 10+ years that I’ve known her than I’ve had… umm… little multi-colored pills, or something. Basically, we fight, a lot. But we’re always friends at the end of the day… week… month… year… my birthday *evil smile*

She’s joining the Asylum for a while, testing it out. Seeing how insane she can be.
It’ll be good to have some new blood around here… it’ll give a nice shade to the walls. Moi ha ha.

Anyways, other things have probably happened since the last time I blogged about me, but I can never remember them… my bad.

^^This is Dude. Read more about her in the introduction package... coming soon.
Or you can also catch her over at TheBookMystress

"One is very crazy when in love."
--Sigmund Freud

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